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29th May 2017

Coming to the end of the Bank Holiday weekend, which I spent doing some dull but important clearing out bits in the house, I discovered that my most favourite TV show in the world is back on TV.  When you think of prison dramas, the one that might spring to mind is Orange is the New Black, which has taken the US by storm and is very, very popular.  But, whilst the hysteria over that show has been going on, an amazing and completely under-rated show has been quietly gathering a solid fan base and critical acclaim over the last few years.  Wentworth Prison is the re-imagining of Australia’s former international success story Prisoner: Cell Block H.  It has just begun it’s fifth series in the UK and I’ll be honest, I’m surprised it hasn’t taken off more here because it’s just phenomenal.   The main story focuses on the story of Bea Smith who ultimately rises to become Top Dog, but there are many other stories as well for the other characters.  The acting is superb, the characters are sympathetically played, and the stories are believable.

In the UK, the show is part of the 5Star line-up as part of the Channel 5 family.   There is a bit of information on the channel website at but probably more relevant and up to date information on the Wentworth Prison UK social media channels.

If you have not seen this show, look it up.  I have yet to meet a viewer of the show who did not go on to become a super-fan.

12th April

It’s been a quiet time on the blog of late.  Reason being that the start of 2017 has been filled with not one but two gorgeous family weddings.   Firstly was my brother-in-law and sister-in-law who married in Mold in North Wales at a beautiful venue called Soughton Hall.    Photo of the stunning bride and groom here…

matt and jen

And the second was my sister and my new brother-in-law who married in a beautiful venue called Waterton Park Hotel at Walton Hall in Wakefield.  Another gorgeously beautiful wedding and another stunning bride and groom here…..

mick and sarah wedding

Happy couples, happy days.

4th January

Happy New Year folks.  Hope you had a good one.

I’m skulking into 2017 with a slow shuffle as I’m prone to the January blues and  feel a bit like I’ve been wrenched away from Christmas.  So to make myself feel better, as well as eating large amounts of chocolate, I’m reading my most favouritest author in the world – Karen Rose, who has recently released her latest book ‘Every Dark Corner’.  For those of you unfamiliar, Karen is a fabulous American writer who I’ve become the number one fan of (or close to) over the last 8 years since I discovered one of her books sitting unloved on a dusty bookshelf in a café in Corfu.   I swapped it with a much inferior book of my own and so began my indulgence.    Karen writes about various not very nice fictional crimes but there is always a budding romance, which comes to fruition by the end of the book, and involves a smart, successful and devastatingly beautiful heroine falling for a smart, successful and devastatingly handsome hero.   Awesome.   If you like your fiction full of drama, check out her books.


13th December

Tuesday again but not long until Christmas now.    The weekend was mostly about sleepovers featuring toddlers and pre-schoolers.  The little chicks had a sleepover at their cousins’ house on Friday night and we hosted the return sleepover on Saturday night with our awesome nieces.  In case you are at sleepover stage with kids, here are some (probably very unhelpful) tips for a sleepover with very small children:

  • Invest heavily in treats for bribery
  • Pick a film that is appropriate viewing and make sure it isn’t weird – I fell down massively on the weirdness factor.  I picked The Wizard’s Christmas which was proper trippy and we didn’t get through the whole thing a the kids thought it was just too weird.  Afterwards I wrote lines – ‘Next time, Arthur Christmas.  Next time, Arthur Christmas.  Next time…’
  • Be ready with popcorn treats for film time but not too much juice, otherwise you will spend much of the night in the toilet with one or more of the kids.
  • Prepare yourself for a late bedtime, which also gives you the distinct possibility of feeling smug and free when they drop off earlier because they’re so tired (and you’ve bored them with the proper trippy film).
  • Have an adult treat ready for after the kids are in bed (something like a cheeky beer/chocolate croissant).
  • Brace yourself for a potentially wobbly night with visits at your bedside from up to four kids.   Again, this also gives you possibility of a night where they sleep all night and only wake up at seven.  Awesome.
  • In the morning, make sure you have suitable post-sleepover viewing on the telly while they don’t eat breakfast and whilst you wake up.
  • Make sure you dress them in their own clothes.  I made this mistake at the last sleepover and sent my niece home in some of my daughter’s clothes.  How does that even happen.
  • Finally, get ready to breath out when the sleepover is officially over and you survived.


This is how you’d like the night to go  – so the kids are sleeping as peacefully as this.  (Image by ‘Bill’ on

5th December:

1st December:

Starting with my outing last night to my Niece’s school Christmas fair evening.  It was the sort of evening where there are different stalls selling smellies, gifts, knitted things and then a little mini bar to help give you the impression you’re living on the edge as you carry your wine in a plastic cup around the stalls.  One such stall had a couple standing behind it looking generally lovely and not doing the hard-sell that some of the other stallholders were doing.  Further investigation revealed them to be a local Newton-le-Willows author, Ruth Watson, and her husband, Rob.   They were at the fair to sell Ruth’s children’s book, which I ended up buying, called Len Legsworth (   I bought it because it looked like a lovely book, but also because I was impressed Ruth had self-published and I thought it was important to support a local author.

Image result for len legsworth images

So, I’m pleased to report I now have a signed copy ready to give to Santa to give to the kids for Christmas.



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