Growing Into a Bigger Boy

The first thing my two-year-old said to me this morning was that he was a 'Bigger Boy'.  I'd gone into his room to wake him up (usually unheard of and never at times I prefer, such as the weekend).  I had his clothes ready and his sister was already dressed for school.  In all honesty,... Continue Reading →


A new Home in Manchester

I don’t normally do reviews of venues or films but today I’m making an exception on both counts.   Before I go on, please know this is entirely voluntary and I haven’t been asked to promote this venue or film.   I just enjoyed it so much I felt I wanted to let others know it’s there.... Continue Reading →

Take a Letter, Mummy

This week I’m feeling very much like my daughter’s PA.   This is a feeling I only really noticed today in a kind of energy-saving lightbulb moment. In my day job, I am an Executive Assistant, which means I’m pretty au fait with managing people’s administration and generally looking after them.  It’s what I do and I’m very... Continue Reading →

All Hallows’ Eve

It’s about this time of year that people start to notice (and moan, in my case) the creep of Christmas-ness in shops.   September and October are far too early for this, but I get why the retailers do it.  They’re no fools.    So, this is no surprise.  But what I’ve also noticed is that the... Continue Reading →

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