Letting Them Feel The Fears

One of the things I’m coming to learn as a relatively new parent is that the rules around things I can control in my world are completely thrown up in the air when it comes to the children.  I can enable strategies in my own life to help, fix, change or at least just manage... Continue Reading →


Fresh From the University Reunion

I found myself trying to explain the concept of university to my five-year old daughter the other day.  As conversations go, it wasn't as random as considering why farts make a funny noise in the bath, whether spiders really do have friends, or why that lady over there is wearing a blue dress.  Still, it... Continue Reading →

Depression as a Young Person

Last week saw the release of data from the latest National Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey, which showed that the group at the highest risk of mental ill health is young women.  The survey results make for grim reading if you are a woman in the age bracket of 19-24 years of age.  Levels of reported... Continue Reading →

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