Morphing into a Grown-Up

I googled a strange thing today. I googled ‘Why does my face look different in a mirror to a photo’?’ As Google searches go, this was odd even for me but I was having a pondering moment, thinking about my changing appearance, and thinking that it is frustrating that my face in real life appears... Continue Reading →


Silencing the Inner Critic

The Head of the Girls’ Day School Trust, Helen Fraser, recently raised concerns about how girls are being affected by their ‘Inner Critic’, which is stopping them transferring their educational success into workplace success.  Not long after that article, BBC News featured a piece offering advice on silencing your inner critic, from high-profile women including... Continue Reading →

In Awe of Festival Goers

I went to my first festival recently. I’m 35 and until this year I had never been to a festival.  This one was a wonderful celebration of African music (I’m told it is the largest in the UK) and it was just fabulous. I went with my husband and the kids. We didn’t plan it at... Continue Reading →

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