The Uneasy Feeling

I need to write something.  I need to scratch an itch that keeps on at me.  It won't go away. It is a niggling feeling.  An uneasy feeling that, for all the progress made in our world, there is one huge area we have seen little progress - regard and equality for women and girls.... Continue Reading →


Time to Give up the Baby Books?

At the moment my little boy is experiencing sleeping difficulties, otherwise known as ‘It’s more exciting being awake than in bed’. He is two, so this is normal and makes complete sense, but it is still excruciating when we embark on The Long Bedtime every night. Frustratingly, when my husband is in charge of bedtime,... Continue Reading →

Summer and the Pressure to Conform

So at the moment Summer seems to be flirting with us. We are being gifted the odd day of cracking-the-flags sunshine. Cue: racing to the shops and clearing them out of sun cream and sun hats. I love our habits when it comes to a sunny day. And I love sunny days. Let’s face it,... Continue Reading →

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