Studying as a Grown-Up

I started a post-graduate course in September and this week was hand-in week. I refer to my course as ‘grown-up school’ for the benefit of my children who are very little and don’t have much grasp of the idea of adults studying things. I have been going to grown-up school for the past few months... Continue Reading →


The Book Exchange

This morning was book exchange day at my daughter’s nursery school. There isn’t a set day for this. It usually happens when we’ve come to the realisation that we’ve had the last book for a few weeks longer than is socially acceptable, we’ve lost it a couple of times, and now it is getting perilously... Continue Reading →

Keeping the Christmas Magic Alive

One of my favourite Christmas films is Santa Clause: The Movie. One, because it’s generally awesome and invokes many memories of my childhood Christmases but also because it has an amazing idea in it. This being the idea of Christmas Two. Okay, so the idea was dreamed up by the evil B.Z. who ended up... Continue Reading →

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