Life as a Shy Parent

I have this recurring dream. I’m in Oz. My friends are a Scarecrow, a Tin Man, a dog, and a little girl named Dorothy. I’m a lion and I’m desperately searching for courage. Then I wake up and realise I’m not a lion. Of course I’m not. But I could do with a good dose... Continue Reading →


Fab time seeing Blackpool Illuminations yesterday, many years since I last saw them

Still in love with writing

In the week the Man Booker prize was awarded to Marlon James it seems that writing is more topical than ever at the moment.    I have been blogging for just over a year for Selfish Mother and made the jump to creating my own blog last month.   Since I have been blogging I’ve been... Continue Reading →

School for beginners

Tomorrow is non-uniform day at my daughter’s school.   Aisha isn’t at proper big school yet but has started attending the school nursery, so we bought her a uniform and to all intents and purposes it does feel like she is at school.We get a newsletter each week with school news and this week’s told... Continue Reading →

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