Look again?

To watch or not to watch.  That is the (parenting) question.Ah yes, the great TV debate. Yawn. But I have to confess I think about it. A lot.I know there has been a huge amount of research done into the effect of TV on kids, and journals published and books and lots of child psychologists... Continue Reading →


Sunday morning sing time

A Musical Education

Bedtimes in the Thompson house follow pretty much the same routine every night, give or take the odd camping trip or one off late night at the grandparents’. This routine involves bath, hair washing, running around naked when the kids refuse to get in their towels (kids running naked, not parents), dressing son quite calmly,... Continue Reading →

Day out in Chester

Officially completed my university induction today, which means I’m ready to start my course in two weeks. Andrew and the kids came with me for a morning of Chester fun whilst I was there. Whilst I was learning about studying for a Masters, they were having cake in Starbucks, visiting Roman ruins, and going on... Continue Reading →

Going to grown up school

Universities around the country are preparing to receive the new intake of Freshers as we enter another September.   And thousands of just-legals are preparing to go off to study and leave home for what may be the first time.We hear a lot in the news about this as summer departs us, but we rarely... Continue Reading →

Passing on our fears

Whilst doing some research recently into the alarmingly large wasp population I keep noticing, I came across a brilliant little ‘ten things’ piece. It was ‘ten things you can only understand if you are scared of wasps’. They were pretty standard – you love winter because the wasps are gone, you fear any buzzing noise,... Continue Reading →

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