Not Lost

Sometimes I find little pieces of my day, my week, and my life appearing to happen at random, unrelated, but suddenly coming together and pecking away at my thoughts.  The latest of these is the introduction of a constant loop of thoughts about technology and its effect on the lives of our children.   This sounds... Continue Reading →


The Curious Case of the Disappearing Sleep

I want to share a tale with you.  Partly for cathartic reasons, but also because we often hear about sleep problems in babies and infants but less about older children, and this may help to provide some reassurance or comfort if you’re experiencing something similar. Readers of my other posts will know I have two... Continue Reading →

Magical Supermarket

If you had asked me some years ago how I spent my ‘down time’ and what floated my boat for relaxing on my own, I probably would have told you how I loved to read, write, watch films, go in the bath, and breath Yorkshire air.    These are still true, but I’m slowly realising that... Continue Reading →

Bucking the Trend.

This week I’m thinking a lot about bodies.  Positive ones to be precise.  Not least because of the fabulous feature section on Selfish Mother but also because of an amazing role model I’ve discovered online called Allison Kimmey. I read a post somewhere on something, I forget where now, about how she responded in such... Continue Reading →

Painting With Kids & Time For Space

It is decorating season in our house.  Historically we have not been that great at decorating.  We moved here in 2007.   Two years passed before the Great Paint of 2009.  Eight more years have passed and now we have begun the Great Paint of 2017.  It was not our original plan to embark on it... Continue Reading →

Writing. Blogging. Learning.

I was well and truly in Spring cleaning mode the other day when I happened across some old newspaper articles I wrote for my former local rag, The Huddersfield Examiner.  I wrote a column for them when I was in my early twenties and, although I wasn’t quite fresh out of university, my days there... Continue Reading →

The Harsh Reality of Body Shaming

I was body shamed today.  Or perhaps fat shamed.  Or both.  I wanted to write about it because it shocked me, stunned me, upset me, and because the way I make sense of things I don’t understand is often to write about them. I’ve read a lot about body shaming of women. I know it happens. ... Continue Reading →

Panto Season

It’s panto time this week. (Oh no, it isn’t).  Oh yes, it really is my friends.  Panto time again.  Since the kids have started to become a little older - full and proper members of the pre-school collective, they have started to love, nay, adore, pantomimes.    I say this as if it is something they... Continue Reading →

The Mysterious World of Boy Hair

Do you remember the episode of Friends when Ross sent a Barbershop Quartet to Rachel’s work in an attempt to show her how great a boyfriend he was, when he was jealous of her colleague? I remember it well and if you’d said Barber’s to me until recently, I would have thought of that scene... Continue Reading →

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